Transaction and other fees when dealing with cryptocurrency

I was reading /r/Cryptocurrency earlier today and this grabbed my attention:

These fees make me want to vomit from r/CryptoCurrency

Only recently have I gotten into the world of crypto currency, I’m brand new to the scene. I knew about bitcoin, in fact even knew about it when it was first getting popular years ago. But sadly, I never paid it any mind. My mindset was it’s just a fad, it’s too complicated for a regular person to get into, the government will find a way to make it go away.

I was wrong… groups of talented people started utilizing the technology creating amazing tools and platforms to reach the masses. Brand new “altcoins” started popping up, each with their own way of dealing with the blockchain and other things I still don’t entirely understand. But it was no longer just a fad. Corporations started investing. “the future of money” had arrived.

There is always room for more money.

Great big platforms such as Coinbase cost money to operate. They provide us with an amazing means to make & lose money. Their servers are hosted by AWS (amazon web services) — continue with this tomorrow – information about their services at AWS and the conclusion of ‘are fees getting out of control, is cryptocurrency a sustainable replacement for USD if greed takes over.